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Over the years, Yunsheng has gathered valuable experience in the manufacture of magnets in systems and in assemblies.

Magnet systems consist of:

  • One or several NdFeB magnets/plastic bonded magnets as a central piece
  • Soft magnetic milled and/or punched flexible components as magnetic feedback or flux conducting parts.
  • Construction parts made of non-magnetic or metallic materials.

In order to form the individual parts into a functional and applicable system, a great deal of core skills are required in the following areas:

  • Adhesive technology
  • Assembly technology
  • Corrosion protection technology
  • Magnetizing technology
  • Metrology
  • Dimensioning

Yunsheng not only has the required knowledge but also a professional design team able to offer the customer economical magnetic solutions in a short space of time. We have highly professional, modern machines available, enabling us to realize customer-specific designs together with all types, quickly and in mass production.

Locally, we have a wide range of metal industries, independent research and development centers as well as large manufacturing capacities of automation appliances, which means we are able to expand our production capacity at short notice, in order to quickly satisfy the customer demand for mass production.

Magnet systems have a variety of applications in many different branches of industry, such as the automotive branch, telecommunications, semiconductors, medical technology, aerospace, instrumentation, industrial automation.


High-speed precision motors

Application: Medical equipment, aerospace, instrumentation, industrial automation

High torque motors

Servo motor, water pump, mower

Linear motors

Manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor industry, high-precision processing tools, etc.

Hard drive motors

Automobile hub motors, ventilation motors, machine tools

Laminated systems

Arc segment magnets

Drive motors, hub motors

Ring magnets

Stirling motor

Block magnets

Smartphone, feedback drives, traction drives, etc.


Headphone Systems

Automotive steering gears, gears, medical linear accelerators, test equipment, etc.

Headphone Systems

Loudspeakers, WiFi headphones

You require a magnet solution, but don't know which one?

Get in touch with us; we will be happy to advise you on the appropriate solution for your area of application.